Crystal Caverns


Deep into the cave system, patches of ground give way to shards of large translucent rocks. Crystals bigger than your hands. The first pillar soon comes into sight: jagged-ended and nearly too large to wrap your arms around. Deeper yet, stretches of ground are more crystal than dirt and gargantuan pillars grow at haphazard angles, halting progress. Are these crystals natural, or emanating from somewhere deeper?


Map Size

16 x 20 units

Map Versions

  • Rocky
    • Normal
    • Large Terrain Drops
    • Crystal Chamber
    • Glowing Crystals
    • Lush Cave
    • Lush Cave with glowing pool
  • Ice
    • Crystal Chamber
    • Lush Cave
  • Volcanic
    • Crystal Chamber
  • All maps come with gridded and gridless versions.