Humble Observatory


High up on the hill, above the mist, sits a short and simple tower. It's a beautiful hill for stargazing, but for those who can make it inside, they can see, and understand, the stars a little better than most.

On the first floor are tomes upon tomes of star charts, diligently kept over the years. The balcony out back provides an unobstructed view of the sky, distant mountains disappearing in the fading light. But the real prize is further up on the second floor. Up there sits a giant telescope, ever facing north, waiting for the sun to set and its work to begin.


Map Size

10 x 16 units

Multi Level

Two level structure


Includes cleared layout and customizing tokens

Map Versions

  • Day
  • Evening
  • Fog
  • Night
    • Magic Circle Variant
  • Ransacked variants of each version
  • Empty variations for making your own furniture layouts.
  • Lower and upper stories for each variation.
  • All maps come with gridded and gridless versions.