Planar Temple


Be it by rumor or legend, tales have been murmured about a space of energy and shifts in reality. Every story speaks of a different occurrence: a rift of fire like none have ever seen! The depths of the ocean in the forest. Color and light drained from its surroundings. The echoes of a fairy glade. The one detail in common? A tree, larger than it should be, central to the space, surrounded a massive, windowless building.

Those who believe the space to be sacred call the tree a guardian, others an oddity, one to be investigated.


Map Size

48 x 40 units

Multi Level

Height layers for ground, roof, branches, and foliage


Includes customizing tree interior tokens

Map Versions

  • Day
  • Evening
  • Fire
    • Day & Night
  • Fog
  • Night
  • Night with Glowing Wisps
  • Snow
    • Day & Night
  • Building, roof, branches, and foliage for each variation.
  • Gridless files only