Botanical Library


The heavy wooden doors open to reveal a grand room full of light and nature. White marble floors reflect light from the skylights on the vaulted ceiling, where it's not being blocked by large trees that have been grown indoors. Specimens of flora and fungi alike are kept on walls, tables, and even the book cases themselves. The library is in a bit of disarray, with shelves in not-quite-perfect rows and acid marks on the tables, chairs haphazardly placed around them and books left by shelves on the floor, but it all echoes the organic structures around you.

Towards the back there are metal lattice walls with shelves of plant samples and potted starters. Upon closer inspection, these walls house a separate area: a gated room with unusually colored leaves and more books and scrolls.

Who knows why they're all locked away?


Map Size

16 x 20 units


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Map Versions

  • Day
  • Night
  • Empty variations for making your own furniture layouts.
  • All maps come with gridded and gridless versions.